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Welcome Researchers, Scientists

Thanks for visiting Histo-Chem, Inc. We are manufacturers of Unique Histochemical Tracers for Neuroscience Research.

We have improved our Web site to accept credit and debit card payments. We only accept MasterCard and Visa. Please review our Products page and place your secure online order. You may also download an order form (in pdf) from our Products page to telephone or fax your order.

New Product Line

New Histo-Chem has a new tracer as well as a new line of counter-stain products! View our Products page to download an informative flyer about each counter-stain product.


A novel fluorescent amyloid specific histochemical tracer especially suited for multiple labeling and large scale quantification studies.



High resolution image showing distribution of Fluoro-Turquoise gel labeled blood vessels in the thalamus of saline treated rat brain.

Hippocampus with AG Labeled Plaques and Ethidium Bromide Labeled Fluorescent Counter Stain


High resolution image showing distribution of Fluoro-Turquoise gel.


Black Gold II Staining Kit with Toluidine Blue O Counter Stain

A high-resolution myelin stain with Nissl counter stain. For use on formalin fixed, non-embedded brain tissue.

Fluoro-Jade C Staining Kit with DAPI Counter Stain

A stain for neuronal degeneration with fluorescent Nissl counter stain. For the high contrast and resolution staining of degenerating neurons in formalin fixed brain tissue sections.

Black Gold II with Toluidine Blue O Counter Stain

Fluoro-Gold C with DAPI Counter Stain

Return Policy

At Histo-Chem, Inc., we strive to provide high quality products with the best possible shopping experience. We know that if you are not happy, you won't return to place another order. This is why we make every effort possible to ensure that your orders are processed and shipped to you quickly and error free. If there is an error in your order, we will make every effort to correct it.

Our Mistake? If there are any errors in your order at the fault of Histo-Chem, Inc., we will ship your replacement order promptly at our expense. Although we take every effort to complete your order efficiently and correctly, we cannot guarantee that there will never be an oversight.

Your Mistake? We strongly urge you to carefully proof your order before placing your order. If your order is incorrect, we cannot issue refunds on products due to customer demand and the sensitivity of our products.